2nd Grade Common Core Math Lessons and Resources
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Operations & Algebraic ThinkingNumber & Operations in Base TenMeasurement & Data Geometry
2.OA.1 2.NBT.1         2.NBT.6 2.MD.1        2.MD.6 2.G.1
2.OA.2 2.NBT.2         2.NBT.7 2.MD.2         2.MD.7 2.G.2
2.OA.3 2.NBT.3        2.NBT.8 2.MD.3        2.MD.8 2.G.3
2.OA.4 2.NBT.4         2.NBT.9 2.MD.4         2.MD.9  
  2.NBT.5                           2.MD.5         2.MD.10  

2.OA.2 Gumball Math Facts Fluency

I love this and can't wait to try it out this year. Gumball Math was designed to reinforce basic addition and subtraction skills. To begin, the teacher needs to print and label a gumball machine for each student in the class. They can be displayed on a bulletin board or kept in folders. Students are given minutes to answer the math problems. Each time a student completes and answers all of the math problems they earn a gumball to glue on thier machine and they get to move on to the next test. You can also give them a real gumball to eat!!!          http://www.madefor1stgrade.blogspot.com/

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