2nd Grade Common Core Math Lessons and Resources
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Operations & Algebraic ThinkingNumber & Operations in Base TenMeasurement & Data Geometry
2.OA.1 2.NBT.1         2.NBT.6 2.MD.1        2.MD.6 2.G.1
2.OA.2 2.NBT.2         2.NBT.7 2.MD.2         2.MD.7 2.G.2
2.OA.3 2.NBT.3        2.NBT.8 2.MD.3        2.MD.8 2.G.3
2.OA.4 2.NBT.4         2.NBT.9 2.MD.4         2.MD.9  
  2.NBT.5                           2.MD.5         2.MD.10  

2.OA.2 Math Fact Fluency Games


To play: Place all cards down in a pile. The first player takes the top card and says theanswer as quickly as they can. If they answercorrectly, they get to keep the card. If they do not  answer correctly, the card  is returned  to  the bottom of the pile. The other players take turns repeating these actions. If a snake card is chosen from the  pile, that player returns all of  their cards to the bottom of the pile and play continues. If desired, a timer can be set to signal the end of thegame. The player with the most cards when thetimer goes off   wins.

Math Fact Memory Game

Deck of cards (minus K, Q, J)
Aces equal 1

1. The youngest student turns over 2 cards and adds them.
2. The student keeps the cards if he/she gets it right. Turns the cards back over if he/she gets it wrong.
3. The other student takes his/her turn.
4. The student with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

Math Facts Race Game
Paper and Pencil

1. Each student gets a piece of paper and draws a T-chart on it.
2. The student with the longest hair picks a number 1 throught 20 and writes it on top of the t-chart.
3. The student that has the most pairs wins the game.
4. The student that wins gets to pick the next number for the next turn.

Make Ten Dice Game

Print Directions Click Here

1. Roll the die and record the number you rolled on the recording form (link above).
2. Write the other number that would equal 10.

Go Ten Card Game

Print directions Click Here

2-4 players
1 deck of cards, minus the face cards
Ace = 1

The game is played like Fish, except that each player is trying to make 10.

1. Deal out all the cards.
2. Each pair of cards that makes 10 is placed face up in front of the player who makes it.
3. The winner is the player with the most pairs when no more 10s can be formed.

Addition and Subtraction Bump
Bump is a math game that's been around for a while and there are many different versions of it. Basically, the kids roll dice, figure the sum and cover the answer with their marker.

Click Here to watch a video on how to play Bump.

Superbowl Addition Bump
Bump It Addition
Beach Bump
Love Bug Bump
Bumpin into Love subtraction

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