2nd Grade Common Core Math Lessons and Resources
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Operations & Algebraic ThinkingNumber & Operations in Base TenMeasurement & Data Geometry
2.OA.1 2.NBT.1         2.NBT.6 2.MD.1        2.MD.6 2.G.1
2.OA.2 2.NBT.2         2.NBT.7 2.MD.2         2.MD.7 2.G.2
2.OA.3 2.NBT.3        2.NBT.8 2.MD.3        2.MD.8 2.G.3
2.OA.4 2.NBT.4         2.NBT.9 2.MD.4         2.MD.9  
  2.NBT.5                           2.MD.5         2.MD.10  

2.MD.7 Time

This is a great freebie from Pitner's Potpourri. Students pick a time (to the nearest five minutes) and write a sentence that describes what they would be doing at that time if it was a.m. and if it was p.m. After writing the sentences, they illustrate them.